My Creative Journey: Making Characters from Real Leaves | Tutorial for Kids and Adults

My Creative Journey: Making Characters from Real Leaves | Tutorial for Kids and Adults


Hey my artsy friends!

Join me on a magical journey where we'll bring nature's beauty to life through art. In this full-length tutorial, I'm taking you through my unique process of using real leaves I've collected to create adorable characters. Together, we'll explore how these simple leaves transform into whimsical figures, inspiring your own creative adventures.

Discovering Nature's Artistry

I'm thrilled to share this fun sketchbook exercise of crafting characters from real leaves. Let's take a closer look at the shapes and contours of these leaves and see the characters they hold within. My hope is to encourage both kids and adults to step outside, pick up some leaves, and infuse their sketchbooks with their very own leaf-inspired characters.

Empowering Your Artistic

Side Join me as I guide you through the creative process, from selecting leaves to gluing them onto the pages. This isn't just about crafting characters; it's about igniting your imagination and infusing your art with nature's gifts.

Sharing Our Creative Explorations

Let's build a community of leaf character creators! Share your creations on Instagram and tag me @2ndseagull. I'd love to see your unique characters and celebrate the diverse imaginations inspired by nature.

Closing Note: Embrace the Magic of Nature

Nature offers boundless inspiration. Together, let's celebrate its beauty and transform these simple leaves into something extraordinary. Get ready to explore, create, and let your imagination run wild with your leaf character creations!

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